Get to know the Shimanto River...in three sections!

It can be difficult to get a grip on the Shimanto River, since it stretches for nearly 200 kilometers from a source deep in the mountains all the way to the Pacific Ocean. So today, I would like to introduce the Shimanto River in three different sections! Each section has its own unique charm, so you can decide which suits your traveler-type best
[Upper Section] Source - Kubokawa
If you love a good hike, I highly recommend visiting the source of the Shimanto River on Mt. Irazu (about 1.5 hours from Kochi City by car). It’s an almost spiritual experience seeing and hearing the Shimanto River’s stream flowing down the mountain among trees and stones. After a day of exploring, why not stay the night? Located just 20 minutes away from Mt. Irazu by car, Seiran no Sato offers rooms overlooking the majestic upper section of the Shimanto River. 
[Middle section] Kubokawa - Ekawasaki
This section is characterized by snakelike loops that might bring to mind geography textbook photos from your schooldays. The gradient of the river eases into an almost imperceptible descent, but rocky outcrops make it a thrilling spot for rafting and kayaking. A quick 15-minute drive from Kubokawa, you’ll also find the oldest chinkabashi (submersible bridge) along the Shimanto River! Constructed in 1935, Ittohyou Chinkabashi is a Registered Tangible Cultural Property. 

Kubokawa is just over an hour from Kochi Station by train
[Lower section] Ekawasaki - Nakamura
This section boasts iconic postcard views of the wide Shimanto River that you’ll often see in tourist brochures. Drifting downstream in a canoe or on a yakatabune (traditional leisure boat) is a wonderful way to experience the serenity of this section. There is also an excellent rental bicycle system with several terminals located between Ekawasaki and Nakamura Stations.

Nakamura is about 1 hour 45 minutes from Kochi Station by train 
There are 9 cycle terminals on the approximately 40-kilometer route between Ekawasaki and Nakamura

Lean more about the Shimanto River: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/shimantoriver
  • Get to know the Shimanto River...in three sections!

  • Get to know the Shimanto River...in three sections!

  • Get to know the Shimanto River...in three sections!