Wish upon the sea

Welcome to Otonashi Shrine! As you can see, it has a very unique approach that extends toward Uranouchi Bay. The design is supposedly based on an old legend from the late 5th century, when a god named Hitokotonushi no Mikoto arrived in the area by ship after escaping battle

Hitokotonushi is a very powerful god who is believed to grant your wishes if you can ask in one word. Even if you have a clear idea of your dreams and aspirations, it can be difficult to think of a single word that summarizes everything. Perhaps the key is to not overthink!

I recommend visiting the shrine, opening your heart as you’re surrounded by the ever-changing yet constant motion of the ocean, and letting the special word come to you

Otonashi Shrine is also known for bringing good fortune to relationships, so if you’re looking for some help with love, this might be the perfect spot to visit

We highly recommend drawing an omikuji (fortune-telling slip) and releasing it into the sea as you make a wish! Concerned about pollution? No worries! The paper is made to dissolve in water

Otonashi Shrine is under an hour from Kochi City by car

Are you a golfer? Check out Sky Bay Golf Club just a 10-minute drive from Otonashi Shrine: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/activities/10464
  • Wish upon the sea

  • Wish upon the sea

  • Wish upon the sea