Kochi City to Cape Muroto by bicycle

Looking at a map of Kochi, it’s hard to miss the sharp tip of the Muroto Peninsula. If you’re a cyclist like me, you will soon be calculating distances, and picturing yourself standing at the cape with the Pacific Ocean waves crashing all around

Around 100 kilometers from Kochi City, Cape Muroto is well within manageable distance for experienced road cyclists. Those that make the trip are treated to incredible views of long black sand beaches and rocky outcrops, which stand in contrast to the calm blue ocean or crashing white waves, depending on the weather

Starting from Kochi Castle, point your bike east and follow Route 55 all the way to the cape. I highly recommend taking the 10-kilometer Aki Bicycle Path so you can safely enjoy the ocean views. The retro town of Kiragawa with its traditional white-walled buildings is also certainly worth a stop before heading down the remaining 14 kilometers to the cape

Whether you head back after reaching the Muroto UNESCO Global Geopark or continue up the eastern edge of the peninsula, you will need an energy boost. There are a couple of local restaurants at the picturesque port of Murotsu, which serve the local favorite and must-try specialty, kinmedon! It’s a heavenly bowl of rice topped with generous slices of fresh alfonsino

Read more about the Muroto Peninsula in eastern Kochi Prefecture: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/muroto
  • Kochi City to Cape Muroto by bicycle

  • Kochi City to Cape Muroto by bicycle

  • Kochi City to Cape Muroto by bicycle