My day along the Niyodo River

From chinkabashi (submersible bridges) and yakatabune (traditional leisure boats) to delicious ramen noodles. Today, I’m headed on an adventure along the Niyodo River! Would you like to join me?

From Kochi City, I drive just 30 minutes to one of my favorite spots…Nagoya Chinkabashi! You might think…”a bridge?” Yes, indeed! Chinkabashi (submersible bridges) are one of Kochi’s iconic landmarks that blend into the landscape in such a unique way. I take my sweet time walking across the 191-meter Nagoya Chinkabashi, which is in fact the longest of those along the Niyodo River. Today, I marvel at the infinite shades of summer green that paint the mountainsides. I think Kochi’s nature is my favorite work of art

I drive just 5 minutes for another fun river activity, which is to hop on a traditional Japanese leisure boat called a yakatabune. On a yakatabune, I can not only appreciate the crystal-clear river from a more intimate angle, but also, experience a trip back in time. I feel connected to the past as I imagine feudal lords, samurai warriors and wealthy merchants socializing on these very boats centuries ago. During the 50-minute ride (that felt way too short!), I saw schools of fish swimming joyfully and several wild birds cruising on the water too. How peaceful

Next stop...lunch (which is, admittedly, the part of today I've been most excited about)! Another 10-minute drive along the Niyodo River is Jiyuken (Inodekichi branch), which serves one of Kochi’s perhaps lesser-known but mind-blowingly delicious comfort foods…miso katsu ramen! It’s a garlicky, miso-based broth topped with juicy pork cutlet…aka heaven in a bowl

Last but not least, what better way to end a full day along the Niyodo River than to simply…stay the night? Just 10 minutes away from Jiyuken by car is Snow Peak Ochi Niyodogawa Campfield. Here, I’ve booked one of the 10 wooden mobile houses designed by renowned Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma. I sit back on one of the comfy chairs and marvel at the glistening Niyodo River right in front of me

Thank you Niyodo River for an incredible day. Goodnight and see you again tomorrow!

Learn more about the Niyodo River: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/niyodoriver
  • My day along the Niyodo River

  • My day along the Niyodo River

  • My day along the Niyodo River