My perfect day in Kochi City

How do you like to spend your days off?

For me, I love to start my weekends in Kochi City with a morning walk around Kochi Castle. There’s always something new to discover here, like the pointy metal rods on the walls called shinobi gaeshi, which were used to prevent enemies from entering the castle centuries ago. Now, the security spikes serve as resting places for local pigeons, which reminds me not to take this peaceful day for granted

For lunch, I head straight to Hirome Market! I usually go for one of Kochi’s specialty foods like katsuo no tataki (seared bonito) or inaka-sushi (countryside sushi), but honestly, everything here is delicious! Even the Indian curry!

Only 30 minutes away by bus, Katsurahama Beach is one of my favorite ways to end the day. As I take a rejuvenating stroll along the beach, I see the 13.5-meter statue of Kochi-born hero, Ryoma Sakamoto, who propelled Japan forward into the age of modernization in 1868. His intense gaze out over the Pacific Ocean inspires me to face the new work week with courage

Thank you for joining me on my day in Kochi City! I hope you get to experience it for yourself one day

Learn more about Katsurahama Beach: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10011
  • My perfect day in Kochi City

  • My perfect day in Kochi City

  • My perfect day in Kochi City