Emergency information

A useful tool to get up-to-date information during emergency situations


1. JNTO Global Website (English Language)
  • Important links relating to information on what to do during a disaster are listed on the Important Notice page of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) Global website.(https://www.japan.travel/en/)
2. NHK World JAPAN (English Language) 3. A useful website for when you're not feeling well (Japan National Tourism Organization)
  • Here you can find information on the approx. 1,260 medical facility that can perform medical check-ups in multiple languages. You can also find a translation sheet the you can use to point at when trying to explain your symptoms at a Japanese medical facility.(https://www.jnto.go.jp/emergency/eng/mi_guide.html)


1. Safety Tips is an app that provides important information during a disaster. (Available in Japanese, English, Chinese & Korean)
  • Safety Tips is an app that provides information to foreign tourists relating to disasters.You can download the app from URL below.

■Call Centers

1. Japan Visitor Hotline (JNTO Call Center)
  • JNTO provides a 24 hour call center for enquiries in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.You can reach the Japan Visitor Hotline on 050-3816-2787
2. Police Emergency Service Number: 110
  • You can reach the police 24/7 by dialling 110
3. Fire and Emergency Services Number: 119
  • You can reach the fire brigade or call for an ambulance by dialling 119