Flying koi nobori carp streamers is an important part of Children’s Day celebrations, which are held across Japan between April and May. At first you might wonder what these googly-eyed fish have to do with kids, but if you ever witnessed the courage, determination and strength of carp as they swim upstream against the current, you will see that they are perfect symbols to pray for the success and health of children

If you’re looking for the ultimate koi nobori experience, come visit the Shimanto River, where over 500 streamers soar in the warm, spring breeze

Fun fact
The custom of flying carp streamers above a river (instead of from a pole or rooftop) originated in the Shimanto River region over 50 years ago, when a gym teacher overheard young boys gloomily discussing how no one would fly the streamers once they got older. The gym teacher, along with other community members, immediately strung up 50 carp streamers over the Shimanto River to encourage the children in town. The number of streamers gradually increased as it became a yearly tradition, now assuring children that no matter how old they got, the carp will always fly for them proud and strong

Learn more about koi nobori over the Shimanto River: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10043
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