The story of the Yuzu Road

In the Chugei district in eastern Kochi, you will come across the remains of the Yanase Forest Railway. This former logging railroad used to carry cedar wood and was a lifeline connecting villages deep in the mountains. After the lumber industry shrank, people started to focus on growing yuzu, a citrus fruit used in both cooking and drinks. Nowadays, the Chugei district is one of Kochi's biggest yuzu producers. (Btw, did you know Kochi is the largest yuzu producer in Japan?)

Since the railroad closed in 1964, parts of the tracks and tunnels have been preserved or turned into a pretty road, and there are many yuzu trees planted alongside the route of the old railway. The Yuzu Road is not only scenic, but also makes it easier for farmers to maintain their groves, and pick and transport the citrus

Along the Yuzu Road, be sure to stop at the little farming villages. Among them, the tiny village of Umaji is a great place to find seasonings, drinks, and even cosmetics made with yuzu! Be sure to try inaka-sushi, where the rice is flavored using yuzu juice and topped with preserved vegetables

 About 2 hours from Kochi City by bus and train

Check out what you can do around the Yuzu Road here: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/yuzuroad
  • The story of the Yuzu Road

  • The story of the Yuzu Road

  • The story of the Yuzu Road