Sake or beer? Kochi has both

Although Kochi might be more well-known for its sake, there are also two incredible beer breweries you should definitely check out!

Kochi Campagne Brewery

Located just 30 minutes from Kochi Station by train, in the town of Tosa Yamada, is Kochi Campagne Brewery. Their signature Tosaco craft beers are sold in stores across the country and use a variety of local ingredients, such as rice, yuzu and Japanese pepper. A lot of the work is done by hand with the hope that those who taste Tosaco can feel close to Kochi’s people and landscapes

Website: https://tosaco-brewing.com/

Mukai Craft Brewing

This brewery is located in the little town of Niyodogawa  surrounded by mountains and one of Japan’s clearest waterways: the Niyodo River. Their craft beers use the river’s pure spring water, and locally-grown ingredients like ginger, sweet potato (satsumaimo) and green tea. With their signature satsumaimo stout in one hand and a perfect bite of smoked local trout in the other, experience an unforgettable craft beer retreat at their Blue Brew taproom

Website: https://mukaicraftbrewing.com/

Don't forget to try Kochi's delicious sake too! Learn more here: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/taste-of-kochi/sake
  • Sake or beer? Kochi has both

  • Sake or beer? Kochi has both

  • Sake or beer? Kochi has both