Any strawberry-lovers here?

Located near the crystal-clear Niyodo River in the traditional paper-making town of Ino, Berry Nouen Yamamoto is a heaven for strawberry-lovers

Driven by his aspiration to become a farmer and deep love of Kochi’s pristine nature, the owner and his family left their home in Osaka almost 20 years ago, to build this strawberry paradise

Although the strawberry-picking season has ended, their Summer Café is scheduled to officially reopen on July 22, 2021 (check for regular updates and announcements on their Instagram page link below)

Surrounded by the quiet and cooling breezes of Kochi’s beautiful mountains, come enjoy a refreshing cup of strawberry shaved ice topped with a generous dollop of creamy condensed milk

Berry Nouen Yamamoto Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/15berrynouen/

Learn more about the Niyodo River: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/niyodoriver
  • Any strawberry-lovers here?

  • Any strawberry-lovers here?

  • Any strawberry-lovers here?