Feel the force of nature at Cape Ashizuri

Cape Ashizuri is the southernmost tip of Shikoku and offers a view of the horizon so uninterrupted that you can actually see the Earth’s curvature. It is a truly dynamic view, which is made even more dramatic by the Cape Ashizuri Lighthouse, one of the largest in the country.
There is a 2km-long path along the rugged coastal area where you will find an abundance of subtropical plants including over 150,000 bushes of camellia flowers. After enjoying the view of the Pacific Ocean from above, take one of the glass-bottom boats from Tatsukushi Marine Park (about 30 minutes away) and discover all of the vibrant marine life under the emerald water (like the huge coral reef structures!) The boat will also take you to Minokoshi Coast where you will get to see and touch centuries-old rock formations that look like they have been brought from another planet.
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  • Feel the force of nature at Cape Ashizuri