Kamikuki's peach flowers in full bloom

While Kochi has plenty of great places to enjoy sakura cherry blossoms in the spring, it also has wonderful places to enjoy peach flowers. One such place is Kamikuki in Niyodogawa town. The beautiful sight is a result of 15 years of effort from the local residents, who plant and take care of the peach trees and the surrounding greenery.
The peach flowers start to bloom in late March and come into full bloom in the middle of April. When the lusciously green landscape is coloured by red, white and pink, not only does it make for a great photo op, but it is simply a wonderful sight to behold. Should you be lucky enough to be in Kochi during this time of year, you won't want to miss the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the beautiful peach flowers in full bloom.
  • Kamikuki's peach flowers in full bloom