The charming fisherman town of Kure

Imagine a city by the sea, with narrow roads and little balconies, surrounded by fishermen's voices and a refreshing sea breeze. 

This is what makes Kure unique, and also the first fishing village to become an Important Cultural Property of Japan in 2011. 

Its main industry is the fishing of katsuo, bonito, with the peculiar "ipponzuri" technique. Katsuo caught with this method are rich in flavour and texture. 

You can have a taste of katsuo at the lively Taishomachi Market, which dates back over a century and can be found by walking down Honmachi Dori, the town's main street. 

Walking through Kure's streets equals visiting an open-air museum, where past and present coexist, and where you will be able to experience the real essence of Kochi.
  • The charming fisherman town of Kure