Yosakoi Festival

Kochi’s Yosakoi Festival

The Yosakoi Festival is the largest and liveliest event that takes place in Kochi.

Although this will be the first year that the festival has been canceled since it was established in 1954, we would like to share with you this important part of Kochi culture.
Kochi's Yosakoi Festival is a 4-day event where more than 200 teams gather to perform, and it also includes a dance competition. Each team is led by an ornately decorated truck called a jikatasha, which supplies the music for their powerful performances.

During the festival, the participants wear colorful costumes and dance to different styles of choreography. The teams parade down the city streets, spreading an atmosphere of joyous exuberance.

To get a sense for the overflowing energy and spirit the Yosakoi Festival, take a look at this beautiful video from last year’s Yosakoi Festival!

* Also, for more information on the festival, please visit the page below!