Maple trees, warm smiles and homemade meals

I absolutely love the way the first photo captures a moment. I imagine the photographer taking a stroll around the meandering paths at Yasui Gorge, keeping their eyes peeled for anything that stood out, camera in hand and ready to shoot at any moment…then, as they turned the corner…appeared this wooden bridge that looked like something straight out of a fantasy novel. The photographer knew in an instant that this was the scene they were waiting to capture all this time, and that’s the kind of unexpected surprise, awe and wonder I feel from looking at this shot

I also adore the fact that this shot doesn’t capture the Niyodo Blue glow of the water pools and streams in the area, which is arguably the most famous attraction here. Although witnessing the crystal-clear emerald water collaborate with autumn foliage is not to be missed, this photograph shows that there are so many more hidden gems yet to be discovered at Yasui Gorge

Last but not least, perhaps there is no better way to do an autumn getaway than savoring local ingredients and staying overnight. Yama no Megumisha is an over 100-year-old traditional Japanese-style house renovated into a cafe (weekend reservations only) and accommodation facility (entire house rental). Akiko Furuki is the lovely owner who serves nourishing meals featuring homemade konnyaku (devil’s tongue) and plenty of other Kochi’s seasonal vegetables

Yasui Gorge
Around 1.5 hours from Kochi Station by train, bus and taxi

Yama no Megumisha
  • Maple trees, warm smiles and homemade meals

  • Maple trees, warm smiles and homemade meals

  • Maple trees, warm smiles and homemade meals