Otherworldly beauty (and life form!?) at the UFO Line

The UFO Line (yes, that’s its real name…read on to learn why) is simply one of the most stunning roads in Japan. It stretches 27 kilometers along Shikoku’s highest peaks and reaches an elevation of approximately 1700 meters (5 times the height of the Eiffel Tower)! The views of rugged mountain ridges and the Pacific Ocean on clear days make you feel like you’re standing on top of the world

So, without further ado…why is it called the UFO Line?

Well, space enthusiasts and sci-fi fans may be excited to find out that someone once apparently captured a UFO in a photograph while hiking the area! It was a big deal that made it into local newspapers, and ever since then, the place has been nicknamed the UFO Line. Old legends in the community nearby also say that “enormous light falls upon the mountains” so who knows…it could be true and the next person who sees something extraterrestrial could be YOU!

In any case, you will certainly need some rest after the epic UFO exploration! Shirasa Mountain Lodge is located 1400 meters above sea level, and offers guest rooms with cozy wooden features that will help you immediately unwind. I highly recommend renting one of their sports e-bikes to discover the area further. Even if you’re just passing through, the on-site cafe is a great place to relax and rejuvenate. The soup curry and cheesecake are next-level yum

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Shirasa Mountain Lodge

Special thanks to Instagram user @yukita.gram for making us dream about our next trip to the UFO Line!

@yukita.gram: https://www.instagram.com/yukita.gram/
  • Otherworldly beauty (and life form!?) at the UFO Line

  • Otherworldly beauty (and life form!?) at the UFO Line

  • Otherworldly beauty (and life form!?) at the UFO Line