Funky and fantastical–that's Mephistopheles cafe

I am a huge fan of Japan’s “morning” culture, which refers to the affordable breakfasts served in old-school Japanese coffee shops known as kissaten. A classic plate includes thickly-sliced buttered toast and coffee–so simple, so good

Whenever anybody I know visits Kochi City, I urge them to visit Mephistopheles. Its fantastical and funky vibes seen from the red-brick exterior continues all the way inside, where you will find cozy low lighting, plush booths, a stunning inner courtyard, vintage decor (old books, photographs, lamps, etc), and a classical music soundtrack that blends beautifully with the aroma of freshly-brewing siphon coffee. The classic morning plate is delicious, but I highly recommend the hearty and cheesy gratin

For those who aren’t early birds, no worries! You will be delighted to hear that the breakfast menu at Mephistopheles is available all the way until 3PM

Come savor the retro vibes and flavorful meals that the local community has loved for over 50 years

8AM to 9PM (last order is 8:30PM)
Open daily

How about a fun day trip after your perfect morning? Learn more: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/daytrips

Special thanks to Instagram users @kurumakigohan and @miho333 and @licca_10 for the stunning shots of Mephistopheles!

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  • Funky and fantastical–that's Mephistopheles cafe

  • Funky and fantastical–that's Mephistopheles cafe

  • Funky and fantastical–that's Mephistopheles cafe