No gyoza, no life

If you’ve ever spent some time in Kochi, you’ll know that people here love nothing more than a night out in town. And anyone who's spent some time anywhere in Japan will know that a night out isn’t complete without rounding things off with some comfort food

In Kochi, gyoza dumplings rival the classic bowl of ramen as the go-to ‘shime’, which refers to the final dish that ends the jolly mealtime with friends, co-workers, family, etc. Yatai Yasube is a beloved local spot that certainly knows how to do the ‘shime’ right 

Yasube prides itself on its use of locally-grown garlic chives and ginger, combined with high-quality veggies and pork procured seasonally from across the country. The master chefs prepare perfectly-crisp, flash-fried parcels of deliciousness with great passion and skill, all by hand–just as they’ve done since their humble beginnings when the restaurant was a small food cart with only 5 to 6 seats. Yasube may have expanded and opened several stores across Kochi and even in Tokyo, but whichever branch you visit, you'll surely find the same authentic spirit, vibe and taste the Kochi community has loved for decades!

If you’re in Kochi City, definitely visit Yasube's outdoor food stall, which is easily recognizable by the red tent. Strike up fun conversations with fellow diners, savor your ‘shime’ with a cold beer or local Tosa sake, and experience an authentic night out...Kochi-style!

Yatai Yasube

Hirome Market in Kochi City is another must-visit spot for foodies: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10024
  • No gyoza, no life

  • No gyoza, no life

  • No gyoza, no life