A day in Usa (no, I don’t mean America)

In Kochi, we have our very own Usa. You may not find star-spangled banners in this small town but certainly, a great time! Though I just noticed that the photos of this post are indeed characterized by…red, white and blue! Coincidence or fate? Regardless, come follow my day in Usa Town

Located just under 40 minutes from Kochi City by car, our first stop today is Shoryu-ji Temple. My favorite structure is certainly the bright red, three-storied pagoda that comes into view as you’re climbing the 170 stone steps leading to the main hall. What are those purple flowers in the foreground, you might ask? That’s the symbol of Japan’s rainy season…hydrangeas! The combination of these gorgeous flowers and bright red pagoda is something I look forward to every year, during the drizzly yet magical month of June

Next stop…whale watching! Yes, you heard that right! In fact, this is one of best places in Japan you can witness Bryde’s Whales (up to 15 meters in length) so close to shore. Although there is no guarantee that you can witness the beautiful mammals on any given day, Whale Watching Usa’s boat captains–also experienced local fishermen–have high success rates. No matter what, you'll surely feel refreshed being surrounded by the expansive ocean

After a full day of Usa exploration, how about we travel next to Greece? Characterized by pristine white walls and blue dome-shaped roofs, Villa Santorini is a stunning hotel (more like a work of art). Come enjoy a Mediterranean atmosphere on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and taste Kochi’s finest local ingredients at the hotel's restaurant

Learn more about whale watching in Usa: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/activities/10130
  • A day in Usa (no, I don’t mean America)

  • A day in Usa (no, I don’t mean America)

  • A day in Usa (no, I don’t mean America)