Savor the blessings of the Shimanto River

When it comes to food, do you seek out fresh local produce and seasonal delicacies? If yes, here’s the perfect restaurant for your next visit to the Shimanto River area

Sakoya is a quaint, rustic eatery just a 10-minute walk from Sada Chinkabashi, one of the many iconic submersible bridges along the 196-kilometer Shimanto River. The inside of the restaurant is as delightful and cozy as it looks from the outside. Perhaps the decor is best described as traditional farmhouse chic! Posters of dapper singers of bittersweet Japanese enka (ballads) certainly add to the retro atmosphere. Choose to sit traditional Japanese style on cushions around low tables, or knee-friendly chairs the western way. Then...get ready for a feast

Unagi (eel), long-armed river shrimps, aonori (seaweed), and gori (goby fish)...the menu is filled with ingredients sourced directly from the Shimanto River! Although grilled ayu (sweetfish) is delicious, if it's your first time, you definitely have to try wild unagi. In April, wild unagi has just come into season and served at Sakoya until September. Charcoal-grilled, dipped in a tangy sauce, and topped on white rice…it’s heaven on a plate

I would say the wild unagi is worth the extra cost compared to the farm-raised type, but both are absolutely delicious! If you’re traveling with a buddy though, it might be fun to order one of each type (wild and farm-raised) and see whether you can taste the difference!

Sakoya is about 2 hours and 10 minutes by car from Kochi City 
Sakoya is open 7AM to 2PM and closed on Thursdays

Read more about the Sada Chinkabashi: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10041
  • Savor the blessings of the Shimanto River

  • Savor the blessings of the Shimanto River

  • Savor the blessings of the Shimanto River