Ideal spot for your casual cherry blossom picnic

Cherry blossom season is definitely one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan and going out to admire the flowers is a national pastime. There’s even a name for it—hanami—which literally means “flower viewing.” It provides the perfect opportunity to get out in nature with family, friends, classmates or colleagues, whether at the local park or at a famous cherry blossom-viewing spot. Hanami can range from an intimate gathering to a carefully orchestrated meet-up with a large group, but there’s generally eating and drinking involved!

The tradition of hanami has existed since ancient times. One of its origins is related to the Japanese aristocracy, who wrote poetry about the blossoms and then gathered to share them with others under the cherry trees. Over time, this practice spread and developed into the cherry blossom picnics that people all over Japan enjoy today (luckily, without the need to create a poem nowadays!)

While it can be fun to go and see the blossoms at famous spots, these can be quite crowded when the flowers are at their peak. For a casual and relaxed hanami, we recommend Shimanto Sakurazutsumi Park in Nyuta. Stretching out along the lower reaches of the Shimanto River, it’s easy to find the perfect spot on the grassy river banks for a picnic. Bring a sheet to sit on, and enjoy the views of the sparkling river before you and the soft pink petals overhead! If you’re feeling energetic afterwards, it’s about a 40-minute walk to the iconic Sada Chinkabashi (submersible bridge), a beloved local landmark which also provides nice photo opportunities

There are no particular rules about hanami, but out of courtesy to others and to the environment, please don’t pick the flowers and do make sure you take all your garbage home with you. The nearest station is Nakamura Station, which is reached in about an hour and 40 minutes from downtown Kochi City by train. It's about an hour’s walk to the park, so those coming by train might want to rent a bicycle near the station and enjoy cycling around this very pretty area

You can find out more about Kochi’s seasonal flowers here: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/Flowers
  • Ideal spot for your casual cherry blossom picnic

  • Ideal spot for your casual cherry blossom picnic

  • Ideal spot for your casual cherry blossom picnic