Beautiful dolls and sweet treats

Japan has a wonderful annual line-up of festivals, and surely one of the most photogenic—not to mention sweet—is the Hinamatsuri on March 3. Known as the Doll's Festival, or sometimes simply as Girls’ Day, it celebrates the health and happiness of young girls

Since the Edo Period (1603 - 1868), families with girls have welcomed the arrival of Girls' Day—and spring—with beautiful sets of Hina dolls. They represent the imperial family and members of their court, and each set is unique. They aren’t children’s playthings, however! These costly, ornate dolls are for display, and they are frequently used and cherished by several generations. These days, a lot of families don’t have the room to store and display the full seven-tiered sets of dolls, so may opt for a simpler version

If you would like to see these Hina dolls in all their splendor, Cafe Hanpei (@古民家カフェ 半平) in Shimanto Town offers visitors the opportunity to see traditional Hinamatsuri displays. The dolls have all been generously donated by people who wanted others to have the chance to enjoy the sets of dolls cherished by their families! Hanpei is housed in a lovingly-preserved 120-year-old house, providing the perfect setting in which to appreciate the dolls

There are a variety of sweets treats on offer at Hanpei, including traditional seasonal wagashi (Japanese sweets), zenzai (red bean soup) or parfaits with matcha-flavored ice cream. Pair them with green tea, coffee or perhaps some local herb tea. Visitors can relax in the tatami-floored dining area and enjoy views of the lovely garden, too!

You can see this year’s Hinamatsuri display from February 11 to March 21

From Kochi Station, it takes just over an hour by train to Kubokawa Station, then just a short walk to Hanpei

Hanpei is located right along the majestic Shimanto River! Learn more: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/shimantoriver
Cafe Hanpei website: https://npo-life.org/projects/cafe-hanpei/
  • Beautiful dolls and sweet treats

  • Beautiful dolls and sweet treats

  • Beautiful dolls and sweet treats