Masters at work on the Gomen-Nahari Line

When I’m on the retro Gomen-Nahari Line that runs along the Pacific Ocean coast of eastern Kochi, I love watching the train drivers at work. I always stay at the front of the train to witness the precision and passion with which the drivers swiftly maneuver the mighty machine. Japanese trains have a world-class reputation for being on time, and I always forget that it doesn’t just happen magically. There are professionals quietly working very hard to ensure passengers can get to where they need to be reliably and without question

Oftentimes in big cities, train drivers have a private compartment in which case it’s difficult to see exactly what they are doing. Plus, there can be more than ten cars, so it’s harder to simply walk up to the front of the train if you hop on at the opposite end. The one-car Gomen-Nahari Line offers an intimate space where you can closely observe how the driver gracefully navigates the various buttons and controls to achieve a smooth ride

It’s also fun to ride the Gomen-Nahari Line because you don’t know what kind of design you will get! From cars adorned with cute original characters to ones painted with the energetic theme colors of the Hanshin Tigers baseball team…it's always a good time on the Gomen-Nahari Line

Here’s yet another reason to ride this train…for the view! As much of the line is elevated, passengers get to enjoy breathtaking views of the ocean, especially from the observation decks on the “Shintaro-Go” and “Yataro-Go” trains. These run three times a day so definitely make sure to check departure times before your trip!

Learn more about Kochi’s charming trains: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/train
  • Masters at work on the Gomen-Nahari Line

  • Masters at work on the Gomen-Nahari Line

  • Masters at work on the Gomen-Nahari Line