Kochi-style feast to celebrate the New Year

There is no doubt that food is a vital component of celebrating the holidays, and Kochi is no exception! Here, we have a traditional specialty for important occasions called sawachi, which is a large platter featuring a variety of local dishes.

Gathered from the sea to the mountains, you’ll find all kinds of seasonal ingredients beautifully served on a single plate. It can take up to two days to prepare all of the components of this epic feast, but the hard work certainly makes the experience that much more rewarding and memorable. Plus, it’s the perfect way for families to spend quality time together because everyone has to help cook, serve and wash the dishes! At the end of the day, aren't the holidays all about connecting with loved ones?

But perhaps you don’t have time to prepare sawachi cuisine yourself...no worries!

Restaurant Tsukasa was established over 100 years ago and now operates 12 branches across Japan, one of which is located just 10 minutes from Kochi Station by foot. They use only the freshest (and primarily locally-sourced) ingredients to serve traditional Kochi food, collectively known as Tosa cuisine.

The beauty of restaurant Tsukasa goes beyond the delicious food too! From the Japanese-style interior and aesthetics to servers wearing kimono garments, you will be immersed in traditional Kochi elegance.

Thank you to @土佐料理 司 高知本店 (restaurant Tsukasa) for letting us share their beautiful photographs! 

Learn more about Kochi’s food culture: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/taste-of-kochi
Restaurant Tsukasa official website: https://kazuoh.com/
  • Kochi-style feast to celebrate the New Year

  • Kochi-style feast to celebrate the New Year

  • Kochi-style feast to celebrate the New Year