Happy New Year and thank YOU

We made it! It’s the start of another beautiful year. I wonder if this is a sentiment that resonates with you too, but every time the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Day, I feel especially proud and grateful. As I think about my New Year’s resolution going forward, I take the time to reflect on every up and down of the past 365 days. From all of the times I felt invincible, confident, and loved, to insecure, unable and lost…I made it through. I feel proud of myself and grateful for all of those experiences that led me to where I am now.

How about you? What kinds of emotions rush through you on New Year’s Day?

In Japan, it’s tradition for people to practice hatsumode in early January, which is the first temple or shrine visit of the year. Regardless of religious affiliation, anyone is welcome to practice hatsumode.

Located along the beautiful Kagami River, Ushioe Tenmangu Shrine in Kochi City is among the most popular hatsumode spots in the entire prefecture! It truly is a stunning and grand work of old Japanese architecture with not just one but SIX stone torii gates along a 300-meter path leading up toward the main hall. Come wish for another good year ahead and don’t miss picking up a new omamori (amulet) or omikuji (fortune) too!

Lastly, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude. From everyone who has recently joined the Kochi family this past year to those who have been with us longer, I want to say thank YOU. We are so lucky to have such a wholesome community of people who love Kochi as much as we do. Your curiosity, adventurous spirit and openness give us deep motivation to keep sharing more about this region in Japan that we love so much.

The holidays are also very much about…FOOD! Learn more about kochi’s diverse food culture: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/taste-of-kochi
  • Happy New Year and thank YOU

  • Happy New Year and thank YOU

  • Happy New Year and thank YOU