Retro trains, knobbly fruits and friendly smiles

Even on a chilly autumn day, Umaji Village feels cozy. It’s the same kind of warmth as tasting your favorite food from childhood, listening to an old song you forgot about, or revisiting a place you once called home. There’s a magical nostalgia that exists in Umaji Village (and Kochi’s charming countryside in general) that I experienced even on my very first visit

If you’re ever in town, I certainly recommend hopping on the retro Shinrin forest railway! It’s a nostalgic glimpse into the area’s 100-year-old past when loggers transported Yanase cedar (nationally-prized timber) across the region. November is also a particularly special time of year when you will see locals harvesting hundreds of yellow knobbly fruits…it’s yuzu! Umaji Village is one of the top producers of these delicious citrus fruits in Kochi, and the small yet tight-knit community comes together to harvest over 800 tons every year!

Another spot worth visiting is Konrin-ji Temple, located near the beautiful Yasuda River. Although the origin is not exactly certain, legend has it that Kukai (revered Buddhist monk who founded the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage) is said to have built the temple overnight in the year 807

If you start to feel a little hungry, definitely stop by Umaji no Panya, which is a bakery located just 5 minutes away from Konrin-ji Temple by foot. Run by the loveliest couple with heartwarming smiles, Umaji no Panya offers a wide range of savory and sweet freshly-baked bread, homemade sandwiches and delicious coffee

Learn more about Umaji Village: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/see-and-do/10489
  • Retro trains, knobbly fruits and friendly smiles

  • Retro trains, knobbly fruits and friendly smiles

  • Retro trains, knobbly fruits and friendly smiles