Ready for a foodie weekend in Kochi?

This time, we’re not talking about the Sunday Market…it’s the organic SATURDAY market at Ike Park! Located just 40 minutes away from Kochi Station on the MY-YU bus, it’s in fact the first organic market in Japan!

Ever since it began in 2008, the mission of this weekly market has been to directly connect consumers with organic farmers, and hopefully, bring forward the conversation about sustainability, environment and health. Since most farmers come from Kochi’s countryside, supporting them also helps revitalize their hometowns that are often declining in population

From organic herb tea, homemade bread, vegan bento (lunch boxes), gluten-free cakes, and all kinds of fresh veggies, to handmade leather goods, accessories and clothing…it’s a haven for your tummy, mind and soul!

Come savor delicious, healthy and ethical food while supporting local farmers

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/81RcHRap64Z6hnqu9
Learn about sustainable tourism in Kochi: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/sustainabletourism
  • Ready for a foodie weekend in Kochi?

  • Ready for a foodie weekend in Kochi?

  • Ready for a foodie weekend in Kochi?