Yosakoi and fireworks…that’s summer in Kochi

Although every season in Kochi is beautiful, summer certainly has a special kind of energy. Perhaps it's the glorious heat that heightens our sense of being carefree? It seems like everything from hiking up mountains to savoring delicious katsuo no tataki (seared bonito) feels extra good in summer

However, we must not forget what is arguably the most epic part of summer…festivals, of course!

You’ll see various festivals pop up across Kochi over the summer, and the one you see here is the Gohoku Furusato Firework Festival. Although the event this year is not confirmed yet, traditionally, the community of Niyodogawa Town comes together every August to enjoy a variety of fun games, taiko (Japanese-style drums) performances, over 1,000 fireworks lighting up the starry countryside sky, and last but not least…yosakoi dance!

Yosakoi is a style of dance that originated in Kochi almost 70 years ago. Besides a few simple rules like holding naruko (traditional wooden clappers), dancers can freely express themselves through vibrant costumes, music and choreography!

Speaking of yosakoi...Kochi City’s famous Yosakoi Festival is scheduled to return this year on August 10 and 11

Even if you’ve never danced yosakoi (or still not quite sure what it is), we hope you can come experience its epic energy for yourself this summer

Based on the coronavirus situation, kindly note that the festival could be canceled

Learn all about yosakoi: https://visitkochijapan.com/en/highlights/yosakoi
  • Yosakoi and fireworks…that’s summer in Kochi

  • Yosakoi and fireworks…that’s summer in Kochi

  • Yosakoi and fireworks…that’s summer in Kochi