Introducing Nature & Experience Campaign ~Naturally Japan, Naturally Kochi~

Kochi Prefecture is holding a new tourism campaign named "Nature & Experience Campaign ~Naturally Japan, Naturally Kochi~" which targets travelers of all ages and all genders. The campaign offers following emphasis, being: the beautiful natural landscapes and invigorating outdoors activities of Kochi; a chance to fully immerse yourself in local life and culture; and the high-grade fresh food grown there thanks to local microclimates and the warm waters of the Kuroshio ocean current.

With its unspoiled nature, Kochi is a perfect destination to spend a relaxing holiday. What's more, the local people are active and friendly, allowing you to feel both stimulated and yet comfortable, while discovering Japan's natural heartland.

Campaign period: February 1, 2019 until March 31, 2021.

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  • Introducing Nature & Experience Campaign ~Naturally Japan, Naturally Kochi~