Accessible Tourism in Kochi

Kochi Prefecture is working to improve the accessibility of tourism in Kochi, to create a “Kochi tourism that is enjoyable for all.”
The website “Kochi Barrier-free Tourism” provides easy-to-understand accessibility information for tourism facilities around the prefecture, for people who use wheelchairs, people with visual or hearing disabilities, older people who have difficulty walking, and anyone who, for any reason, has concerns about traveling.
The site contains sample itineraries and information on activities that everyone, with or without disabilities, can participate in.
The site is available in Japanese and English (via Google translate). To switch to the English site, click the button that says “ENGLISH”, located at the top right corner of the main page.
*The information on the website, Kochi Barrier-free Tourism, is based on the Barrier-free Survey conducted by Kochi Prefecture from 2018-2020. The website is operated by the Kochi Prefecture Hospitality Division.