(New)Overnight Cycling-rafting Adventure in Kochi

This overnight tour lets you enjoy two of the best outdoor experiences in Kochi: cycling and rafting! Route is from Kochi up to Otoyo, return.

(New)Rafting Half-day Yoshino River – Beginner

Enjoy the thrills and spills of the mighty Yoshino river with this professionally guided rafting experience – all in English or Japanese.

(New)Two-day Rafting/Canyoning on Yoshino River – Intermediate

Enjoy the thrills and spills of the mighty Yoshino river with this 2-day professionally guided rafting and canyoning experience – either in English or Japanese.

(New)SUP Half-day Niyodo River – Beginner

Take in some of the finest natural river views in Shikoku as this four hour experience teaches you how to paddleboard down the famous Niyodo river.

(New)SUP Two-day Niyodo River – Intermediate

Take in some of the finest natural river views in Shikoku as this 2-day experience teaches you how to paddleboard down the famous Niyodo river.


Shimanto-Ashizuri Area Tour Bus Half-Day Course (Shimanto Exploration Course) -Half-Day-

Leisurely explore the pristine Shimanto River using the Shimanto-Ashizuri Area Tour Bus! Includes discounts for the Shimanto River Gakuyukan and the Shimanto River House Boat Cruise!

Shimanto-Ashizuri Area Tour Bus One-Day Course (Ashizuri Tatsukushi and Kashiwa Island Course, departing from Shimanto and Ashizuri areas) -1 DAY-

Visit Cape Ashizuri-the southernmost point in Shikoku, Tatsukushi Marine Park, and Kashiwa Island all in one day!

Kochi Highlights Private Day Tour with local guide

Located on the Pacific coast of central Kochi in Shikoku, this 7-hour tour takes in Kochi City with local guides and public transport.
It is a town full of enterprising spirit, and this tradition continues today. Enjoy your Kochi with us!

Make your own kitchen knife with a master blacksmith in Shimanto

Experience blacksmith cutlery production as inherited from ancient times in Japan at "Tatara Iron & Steel Forging Workshop Kurogane,"
surrounded by the Shimanto River, with mountains and river wilderness in abundance.

Kochi City Morning Tour (Guided, Self-guided)

Discover Kochi City, the capital of Kochi Prefecture, situated on Shikoku, Japan's smallest main island. Begin you tour at Kochi Station, explore colorful local markets, enjoy wonderful Kochi flavors, visit the impressive Kochi Castle and so much more.

Mountain-top Temple and Garden in Kochi City

Explore the outskirts of Kochi City which have so much to offer. Take in the panoramic views of city from the Godaisan Observatory, visit the centuries old Chikurinji Temple, and stroll the magnificent Makino Botanical Garden on this afternoon tour.

Paper-making experience in Kochi City

This tour takes you on a little journey inspired by "washi" paper to the west of Kochi City. Visit Ino-cho Paper Museum and the home of a local "washi" artist. Get acquainted with Japanese "washi" paper, and have an opportunity to try your hand at this traditional Japanese craft.

Beach Area Tour in Kochi City Outskirts

Set out to the outskirts of Kochi City, visit Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum dedicated to Ryoma Sakamoto - one of the most prominent figures of Japan’s past. Explore local flavors at an organic market, and relax at the scenic Katsurahama Beach.


Shimanto-Ashizuri Area Tour Bus Two-day Course (Shimanto and Ashizuri Exploration Course) -2 Days-

A bus trip exploring the pristine Shimanto River and the secrets of Shikoku’s southernmost ocean.

Stay at 250 year old Japanese House in the Mountainous Countryside in Kochi -2 Days-

With this tour you will be able to stay at traditional Japanese house with over 250 years of history and also explore a Japanese paper making workshop.

2 Days Yusuhara Activities and Cycling along Shimanto River in Kochi -2 Days-

You will be experiencing Japanese paper making, Learn about Yusahara and its connection to the Olympics, cycling along the Shimanto River (Known as the last clear stream of Japan), and visiting the known Kurogane workshop (Cutlery blacksmithing workshop).You will be surrounded by the beautiful nature, and the local people will make you feel welcomed.

Kochi Ohenro Highlights Tour

This 2-day tour takes you around three of the most interesting and iconic Ohenro temples in Kochi Prefecture, Shikoku. You may also enjoy katsuo-no tataki or sashimi - delicacies Kochi is famous for at the local lively market.

Kochi Artist Palette Tour

Visit the world’s only certified replica of the famed Monet's garden in Giverny, France, right here in Kitagawa Village, Kochi Prefecture. Be at leisure, paint, and draw in any of the three gardens while taking in the atmosphere. On the second day venture into the breathtaking nature of the nearby Umaji Village and explore its varied scenery.

Washi Paper-making Highlights Tour

This 2-day tour takes you to one of the leading foreign-born washi paper-makers in Japan, Mr. Rogier Uitenboogaart. You will spend several sessions with Rogier, learning the craft and philosophy of washi-making - Kochi-style. Kochi is widely known for its high-quality washi paper, and is the best place to immerse oneself in this traditional art-and-craft form.


4-Day Self-drive Ohenro, plus Shikoku Highlights Tour

Embark on a wonderful journey through Shikoku and see its highlights with the convenience of a car. Explore temples on the Ohenro pilgrimage trail, visit Iya Valley, Kochi Castle, Shimanto River, and Matsuyama - the top Shikoku destinations.

8-Day Self-drive Ohenro, plus Shikoku Highlights Tour

This 8-day package tour brings you the Highlights of Japan's oldest pilgrimage trail - the Ohenro. Move around conveniently by car, visit the 12 top temples as well as scenic beaches, and have hiking and rafting opportunities as well.