Experience Kochi’s camping and culinary delights!

Kochi Prefecture; 84% forest and 89% mountains, is a nature lovers paradise!
If outdoor activities, particularly camping are for you, then Kochi has much to offer. What better way to spend a day or two than to enjoy the natural beauty of Kochi while sampling its local products? For individuals, groups and families alike, Kochi caters for everyone.

Enjoy Kochi’s natural beauty!

Kochi is well-known for its rivers, the two most famous being the Shimanto and the Niyodo, but also the Yoshino River, one of Japan’s famous ‘wild’ rivers, can be enjoyed. The combination of these rivers alongside rice fields and seasonal wildflowers make for views unique to this area, the color combinations contrasting beautifully creating a photographer’s dream! Submersible bridge also dot the landscape along these majestic waterways; a stroll, ride or drive across is not to be missed!

Accommodation to match your needs!

Kochi offers a wide range of camping options or similar. For those adventurous and hardy types looking for a wilder experience, there are low-budget campsites with basic facilities for just a few hundred yen or less. At the other end of the scale, there is luxurious cabin style self-catering, with everything you could possible need provided, such as comfortable beds, high class bathroom and even a barbecue set complete with fresh, local food ready to cook! This is a wonderful way to spend some quality time with your family.

Tuck in to some local fare!

Speaking of food, Kochi has delicious local fare in abundance. When camping, you most likely want to cook outside and enjoy eating outdoors, so for most people that means meat! Kochi is famous for its Tosa Akaushi which is high quality lean beef, perfect for barbecued steak. Another highly recommended and interesting thing for meat-lovers to try is Kochi’s wild game. Both wild boar meat and venison are easily available to buy in Kochi from local produce stores. Although a little on the pricey side, the taste will certainly be memorable! Why not wash it down with some local sake or shochu, or perhaps yuzu juice (yuzu is a locally- grown citrus fruit) or shiso juice for those who don’t drink alcohol? (Shiso is a herb of the mint family, which has a unique and refreshing taste). There is also ayu, a kind of river fish, that can be enjoyed grilled and seasoned with salt and yuzu. There is no doubt that you will find delicious food and drink that everyone, including children, will love!

So many things to do!

While camping in Kochi, there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy to enhance your stay. The rivers provide many fun things to do for all the family, from water sports such as rafting, kayaking, SUP, canyoning, fishing etc., to activities that don’t involve getting wet, like cycling, hiking or just going for a leisurely drive and stopping at a café or restaurant for a bite to eat. The pace of life is such that you can really relax and forget about the dull routine of regular life. As people in Kochi say kojanto ei ! It’s really great!