Hirome Market

Hirome Market is a commercial facility located next to Kochi Castle. It is also a place for locals and visitors alike to fill their stomachs with not only Kochi"s local cuisine, but also more international flavors. The inside of the nostalgia-inspiring market building is packed with approximately 65 street stall-style restaurants, busy fresh fish and meat shops, unique knickknack shops, and clothing boutiques.
With tables throughout, customers can get takeout from different restaurants and casually enjoy a variety of foods. Although you may notice people drinking during the day in the market, this too is a sight typical of Kochi, a place where the locals are known to like drinking.

A bar area called "Hirome Bar" opened in the market during 2016, as well. Whether Italian, Spanish, or French, the food options here are made to pair well with alcohol. Feel free to walk around with a drink in one hand.
Hirome Market is also a great place to buy Kochi souvenirs and find information on tourist attractions, so it"s worth a visit for anyone traveling to the prefecture.
Hirome Market could be called "Kochi"s Kitchen," but that name comes from Shigeaki Hirome Fukao, chief retainer to the feudal lord of Tosa (present-day Kochi) at the end of the Edo era (1603 - 1868). A renowned minister who had served under four successive lords, Shigeaki Hirome Fukao was well loved by the people of Kochi City. Even after time went by and Hirome"s home was no more, the area was still known by locals as the "Hirome Mansion." Later, the area became home to the "Hirome Market," driven by locals" desires to revitalize the region as well as Kochi"s food culture.


Address :
2-3-1 Obiya-machi, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture
Contact :
Hirome Market Information
TEL: +81-88-822-5287

Business hours :
8:00-23:00 on weekdays, Saturdays & national holidays
7:00-23:00 on Sundays
Access :
●About a 20-minute walk from JR Kochi Station on Shikoku Railway
Price :
●Admission free



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