The Road to Japan's Best Kept Secret

Kochi prefecture has it all. If you haven’t heard of it, a rich experience full of beautiful nature, delicious food, crystal clear rivers, outdoor activities, and more awaits. Kochi is located in the southern part of Shikoku. In fact, Shikoku was selected as Best in Travel 2022 by Lonely Planet. From busy markets in Kochi city, to canoeing and kayaking in one of the prefecture’s many rivers and valleys. There is something for every type of traveler.

Accessing Kochi is easier than you might think. Despite being located in southern Shikoku, it doesn't take long to get there from the main centers in Kansai like Osaka and Kyoto. Drive easily by rent-a-car from Kansai International Airport or take in the sights along one of the many express trains. It won’t take you long to leave behind the busy city and step into one of Japan’s hidden treasures. There are many different routes to choose from to explore all that Kochi has to offer.

Osaka to kochi Map




KOCHI Prefecture