2016.09.16 Sightseeing Guide book named "KOCHI-JIN" has just launched. Check this out and get deeper information about Kochi!!

Kochi Prefecture extends in a crescent running east to west, and is bordered by Tosa Bay to the south. Although people may assume that the prefecture is predominantly coastal, 84% of its land is covered by forest, the largest percentage of any prefecture in Japan. It has long sunshine hours with a mild climate throughout the year, and a large amount of annual rainfall. Seasonal delicacies and the unique culture and character of Kochi have derived from this rich and wild nature of the area.

KOCHI-JIN is the people living in this characteristic Prefecture, KOCHI, who are generally cheerful, energetic and known for their generosity. They have a deep love of their prefecture. Ask almost anyone what they like about Kochi and their reply could go on forever. This brochure introduces you to the world of Kochi, its history, culture, nature and food. We hope you find it useful as you travel around and find out for yourself what makes Kochi so special.

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