Eastern Kochi is a district with a markedly international character: an international surfing event is held in Toyo Town; the Muroto Global Geopark, which has been designated by the Global Network of National Geoparks, is situated in Muroto City; “yuzu,” or a lemon-like Japanese citrus exported to France and other countries, is grown in Umaji Village; and the only authorized replica of Claude Monet’s garden outside France is Kitagawa Village.
At the same time, many old-fashioned, attractive streetscapes remain in eastern Kochi. Ride a train on Tosa Kuroshio Railway’s Gomen-Nahari Line that runs along the eastern coastline to thoroughly enjoy the various tourist attractions in eastern Kochi.

Must-See Sights

Kiragawa used to greatly prosper as a shipping port of "Tosa high-grade charcoal" from its high quality charcoal and firewood. The white walls using Tosa plaster and the water draining tiles attached to protect Machiya from strong rain and wind such as typhoons create a unique scenery.