Interesting and noteworthy trains of Kochi

Kochi has some of the best trains in all of Japan: old school trams, a local train with spectacular views, and sightseeing trains offering top-notch hospitality.
Take a train journey and make transportation part of the fun!

Kochi's stand out tram network

The number of tram networks across Japan have decreased, but in Kochi they are a big part of everyday life! The Tosaden tram network runs from JR Kochi Station out to the suburbs. With Kochi’s famous Harimaya Bridge as a base, the tram network stretches out in all directions, with a total length of 25.3km - the longest total tram network in Japan! The Tosaden also boasts the longest history (starting in 1904) and has the shortest distance between tram stops (only 63m - between Seiwagakuen-mae and Ichijobashi tram stops).

The flat-rate zone within the main city area is 200 yen per ride. However, you can also purchase a one-day ticket, which is perfect for sightseers. The one-day ticket for within the main city area is 500 yen, and for the entire tram network is 1000 yen.