Ryoma-den: Bakumatsu Heroes Pavilion

龍馬伝 幕末志士社中(Ryomaden Bakumatsushishisyachu)
Wear a kimono for free at a reconstructed set of a samurai drama series
The set of a popular period drama depicting the life of samurai hero Ryoma Sakamoto has been reproduced here.
The facility also has easy-to-wear traditional robes so that you can dress up as Ryoma or his wife O-Ryo and walk around the period set, taking commemorative photos. The kimono look real, but are fitted with velcro so you can simply slip them on over your clothes (Samurai costume is available!).
Even if you haven't seen the drama, you can really appreciate the carefully reconstructed set and even gain a little insight into life during Ryoma's time.
Tourist information center (Kochi prefecture "i" information center) is located in the same building.

Sakamoto Ryoma: Historic national hero and innovator at the end of the shogunate regime
Address 高知県高知市北本町2-10-17 (2-10-17, Kitahonmachi, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan)
Telephone Number 088-879-6400
Kochi Tourism & Information Center - Tosa Terrace
ClosedOpen year round
PriceFree admission
Directions●About 10 min drive from Kochi IC on Kochi Expressway
●Short walk from JR Kochi Station
●Short walk from Kochieki mae tram stop
Website Website
Map Code73 215 553*25

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