Stand Up Paddleboarding on the scenic Niyodo River & Pacific Ocean

If you're going to take on the SUP experience in Kochi Prefecture, head to the crystal clear Niyodo River and the great expanse of the Pacific. Feel like you're walking on water as you SUP, with breathtaking views as your reward!

Rivers & Seas! The best part of SUP in Kochi

SUP (stand up paddleboarding) has become a popular activity around the world. Kochi offers some of the best SUP locations, with the purest crystal clear rivers and 700km of coastline stretching from east to west.

If you want to take on the rivers first, you should start with the Niyodo River in the central region of Kochi and the Shimanto River that flows through western Kochi. The prefecture is also blessed with coral reefs and tropical fish, so heading out to SUP on the Pacific in areas like the Tatsukushi Coast, the Nahari area, and along the white sand shores of the Kannoura area in the very eastern tip of Kochi will certainly be worth the effort!

The magical crystalline waters of the Niyodo River

The beautiful Niyodo River boasts some of the purest waters in the entire country and is known as the "crystal river of wonder."
The crystalline blue color of the river has also been nicknamed Niyodo Blue. To SUP on this incredible river, head to the downriver area where the river is at its widest and calmest. The gentle waters make it the perfect place for beginners to give SUP a try. The beauty of Kochi's vibrant greenery against the crystalline Niyodo Blue is overwhelming.

Time to take off! Paddling out on crystal waters

Your SUP experience on the Niyodo River will start with helmet and life jacket fitting before a quick lecture on the riverbank. Here you'll learn basic maneuvers so that you feel confident on the water, before finally heading out on the crystalline river. The first step is to gain your balance while kneeling on the board. In this position, you are close to the water's surface and can appreciate the transparency of the Niyodo River.
Once you get used to paddling, the board will glide effortlessly across the water's surface. Then, when you've gained the confidence, try standing up. From this angle, you'll be rewarded with more extensive views of this beautiful place.

Experience the natural environment of Kochi with all five senses!

Lay down on the board and just listen to the flow of the river, gaze down into crystal blue waters, or jump off your board and dive into the river. One of the best things about SUP is that gives you the chance to enjoy the Niyodo River with all five senses.
Suggoi Sports offers a special SUP course that takes you to a secret part of the river. Completely covered by a blanket of green trees, the magical scenery found here can only be seen from the water. The best thing, it's only about a 30 min drive from the center of Kochi City.
Don't miss your chance to experience SUP on the crystal river of wonder!

Take a stroll on the Pacific Ocean!

There's nothing quite as exhilarating as stand up paddleboarding on the magnificent Pacific Ocean!
As there are some waves, this is more for those with a little SUP experience to the very experienced. Trying SUP along the Tatsukushi Coast in Kochi's most westerly point means taking a stroll over vibrant coral reefs! The feel of the sea breeze and sense of openness that the vast Pacific Ocean provides is exceptional, and the waves are comparatively gentle inside the bay. Glass-bottom boat tours are offered here and there's also an underwater observatory nearby.
Head to the Nahari area in the east of Kochi to see large schools of tropical fish, or to the gorgeous white sand beaches of the Kannoura area where you can try your hand at SUP yoga!
The seas of Kochi can be enjoyed in many different ways over several locations. Find the way that suits you best and make the most of your time here in Kochi!