Drinking Games

Kochi is known as “Tosa, the Land of Sake.” Here we shall introduce four well-known games played with sake in Kochi: Bekuhai, Kiku no hana, Hashiken, and Shibaten Odori.


This is a game played by two people using three chopsticks. Put out as many chopsticks as you like using a rhythmical motion, and the person who guessed the correct total wins. The person who loses must drain the cup of sake he has been poured.


This is a game involving three differing types of cup that cannot be put down until they have been drained. One has a hole on the bottom, the other has a face of a goblin with a nose that sticks out, and the other has a face of a lovely maiden. The person sitting in the direction the spinning top points when it falls over has to drain the cup written on the top.

Kiku no hana

In this game, the same number of cups as the number of persons in the party are laid out face-down on a tray. In one of them only is a petal from a chrysanthemum (kiku) flower (hana). Each participant turns over one of the cups along with the song. If your cup has the petal in it, you lose, and have to drain all the flipped cups.

Shibaten Odori

“Shibaten” is a monster that appears in Kochi folk tales. People pretend to be a Shibaten by wearing a hand-towel with the Shibaten’s face on it, and dance around the room along with a song.