"Sugi-no-Osugi" Japanese cedar

“Sugi-no-Osugi” is famous as the tallest Japanese cedar tree and estimated to be 3,000 years old. Sugi-no-Osugi is actually a pair of trees called “Minami Osugi” (“South Giant Cedar”) and “Kita Osugi” (“North Giant Cedar”). Since the two trees are merged at the root, it is also called “Meoto Sugi” (“Wedded Cedar”). Minami Osugi has a circumference of about 20 meters at its base and is some 60 meters tall, while Kita Osugi is about 16.5 meters around and is approximately 57 meters tall. Sugi-no-Osugi was designated by the central government as a special natural monument in 1952. It is also believed that Sugi-no-Osugi can make visitors fulfill their long-cherished wishes. A famous singer once visited there as a young child and prayed to acquire vocal skills, and later became one of Japan’s best singers.


Address :
794 Sugi, Otoyo Town, Nagaoka County, Kochi Prefecture
Access :
●About 20 mins by car from Otoyo Exit on the Kochi Expressway.
●A 35-minute ride on a limited express on Shikoku Railway’s Dosan Line from JR Kochi Station to Osugi Station. Sugi-no-Osugi is about 800 meters from Osugi Station.



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