Remains of Tojin-daba

Many fragments of earthenware and stoneware from the early Jomon period (around 5,000 years BC) to the Yayoi period (from around the third century BC to the third century AD) have been unearthed from the Remains of Tojin-daba on a river terrace located at the tip of the Ashizuri Peninsula. What appears to be a stone circle is preserved there while the area bristles with huge rocks that are 6 to 7 meters tall and known as the Tojin Rocks. It is said that these may be the remains of a grand civilization of ancient times. It remains unclear whether this is true or not, but these spots prompt visitors to imagine what was going on in ancient times.


Address :
Matsuo, Tosashimizu City, Kochi Prefecture
Contact :
Tourism Section, Tosashimizu Municipal Government
TEL: +81-880-82-1111
Access :
●About 2 hours by car from Shimantocho-Chuo Exit on the Kochi Expressway.
●Get off at Nakamura Station on Tosa Kuroshio Railway’s Nakamura-Sukumo Line and change to a Cape Ashizuri-west-bound bus operated by Kochi Seinan Kotsu, get off at the Tojin-daba-iriguchi bus stop (about a 1-hour-and-20-minute ride).



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