Yasui Gorge

The Yasui Gorge is upstream on the Yasui River, a tributary of the Niyodo River. It is a gorge of untouched forests and steep cliffs with a clear river running through it. The Niyodo Blue water is transparent enough to see the rocks on the river bottom. That, along with mossy cliffs and strangely-shaped stones and boulders scattered around the river, make for scenery so beautiful it will take your breath away. It’s well-known as one of Kochi’s best places to view the autumn colors as well. Yasui Gorge is quite large, and has a lot to offer. It has many impressive waterfalls, including Mikaeri Falls, Hiryu Falls, Shuryu Falls, and Seryu Falls. Famed for being the best place to see Niyodo Blue in Yasui Gorge is the crystal pool called Suishofuchi. Even with at depths of 4 to 5m, the water is so clear you can still see the bottom. The deep blue will leave an imprint on the hearts of those who see it, and will surely be a sight they never forget. Momiji Park is popular for viewing the new green of early summer and the brilliant colors in autumn. The steep cliffs of the Senjin Gorge soar 30m high, letting visitors enjoy the superb view that unfolds before their eyes.


Address :
Oya, Niyodogawa Town, Agawa-gun
Access :
●About 90 mins by car from Ino Exit on the Kochi Expressway.