Mirages of rising/setting sun

You can see the sun rise over and set beneath the ocean horizon in Kochi Prefecture as its south side faces the Pacific Ocean. Mirages of the rising and setting sun, which can be seen between November and March, are phenomena in which the sun looks like a snowman (yuki-daruma in Japanese) because sunlight is refracted by steam generated as a result of the temperature difference between the sea surface and the atmosphere. A mirage of the setting sun seen in the city of Sukumo is called “the sunset of happiness.” In particular, Kanyoto Park on Oshima Island in Sukumo Bay is well known as a location where a mirage of the setting sun can be seen, and is visited by many people even in winter. A path stretching to Kanyoto Park, usually sunk under water, is exposed at low tide, and it is said to be a road of good fortune that brings happiness to those who are lucky enough to walk on it to the park.
There is also one of the best locations on Cape Muroto to see both a mirage of the rising sun in the east and one of the setting sun in the west as the cape juts out toward the Pacific Ocean.

*Cape Muroto

Address:Murotomisaki-cho, Muroto City
●About 2 hours by car from Kochi Exit on the Kochi Expressway.
●Take a train from JR Kochi Station on the Gomen-Nahari Line and get off at Nahari Station. Take a Tobu Kotsu Bus going to Muroto Global Geopark Center or Kannoura Ganpeki and get off at Muroto-misaki stop. Cape Muroto is about a 3-minute walk from the bus stop.

*Shirahama Bathing Beach

Address:O-aza Shirahama, Toyo Town
●About 15 minutes walk from Kannoura Station.
●About 150 minutes by car from Kochi Exit on Kochi Expressway.

*Kanyo Island Park

Address:378 Oshima, Sukumo City
●100 minutes by car from Shimantocho-chuo Exit on Kochi Expressway.