Museum of Art, Kochi

The museum makes the most use of the local culture and climate of Tosa surrounded by water and greenery. It was built with traditional techniques, with its walls finished with “Tosa plaster” and the roof with “Tosa tiles.” Apart from exhibition rooms, visitors can enter the museum free of charge, and view a collection of paintings by Marc Chagall and pictures taken by photographer Yasuhiro Ishimoto, among other works on display. Visitors can also enjoy themselves in an art library and a music shop. In a hall attached to the museum, movies are shown in each season and excellent art performances such as theatrical plays and dances are presented.


Address :
353-2 Takasu, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture
Business hours :
9:00 to 17:00 (Visitors must enter by 16:30)
The art library is open from 10:30 to 17:00
Access :
●15 minutes from Harimayabashi by Tosaden Kotsu streetcar bound for Gomen, Ryoseki, or Monju dori. 5 minute walk after getting off at Kenritsu bijutsukan dori
●5 minute walk from Kenritsu Bijutsukan-mae bus stop by Kochi Idai route Tosaden Kotsu buses
●5 minute walk from Bijutsukan Dori bus stop by Kochi Kenritsu Daigaku and Iryo Center route Tosaden Kotsu buses
Price :
●250 yen per person for students
●360 yen per person for adults
※Admission fees for special exhibitions vary from exhibition to exhibition



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