Kochi Prefectural Ashizuri Aquarium

For those who wish to learn more about Kochi"s abundant and beautiful ocean, we recommend a visit to the Kochi Prefectural Ashizuri Aquarium. The aquarium is located in Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park"s Tatsukushi marine park zone, near where Cape Ashizuri juts out into the Pacific Ocean. Built around the theme of "The Tosa Sea and the Fish of the Japan Current," it has approximately 200 varieties and 3,000 specimens of ocean life on display.
The six-meter-tall, nine-meter-wide large scale saltwater tank reproduces the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean with about 50 varieties of fish, including shark rays more than a meter long, other large, carnivorous fish like the giant trevally and Malabar grouper, as well as schools of beautiful grunts, bigeye trevally, and star snapper.

The individual tank areas display everything from moray eels, known as the "gangsters of the sea," and venomous sea snakes, to tropical fish such as damselfish and approximately 150 varieties of colorful coral. The mini tank area boasts a display of about 20 different kinds of visually interesting, ecologically unusual creatures including seahorses and the harlequin mantis shrimp.
At the touch pool, which displays examples of sea life native to tidal pools, visitors can touch and closely observe live shrimp, sea urchins, sea slugs, hermit crabs, and more.
Plus, with popular sea animals like sea turtles, seals, and sunfish on display, the Ashizuri Aquarium is the perfect place for people of all ages to enjoy Kochi"s sea.


Address :
4032 Imashiba, Misaki, Tosashimizu City, Kochi Prefecture
Contact :
Kochi Prefectural Ashizuri Aquarium
TEL: +81-880-85-0635

Business hours :
9:00 to 17:00 (from September to March)
8:00 to 18:00 (from April to August)
※Admission tickets available until 30 minutes before closing time
Access :
●Take a train from JR Kochi Station and get off at Nakamura Station on Tosa Kuroshio Railway. Change to an Ashizuri-misaki-bound bus operated by Kochi Seinan Kotsu, get off at Shimizu Plaza Pal bus stop (about a 1-hour ride) and transfer to a bus bound for Sukumo Station. Get off at Tatsukushi Kaiyoukan mae bus stop.
●About a 90-minute drive from Shimantocho-Chuo Exit on Kochi Expressway.
Price :
●720 yen per person for adults (aged 18 or older); 360 yen for children/students (elementary, secondary & high school students)

●580 yen per person for a group of visitors aged 18 or older; 290 yen for a group of children/students
●1,000 yen for an annual pass for a person aged 18 or older; 500 yen for children/students



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