Kochi Castle Museum of History

Kochi Castle towers over central Kochi City and was built by Yamauchi Kazutoyo, the first feudal lord in the Tosa Clan, in the early years of the Edo Period. It is known as the only castle in Japan with the original castle tower still intact and inner citadel structure. Next to it stands the Museum of History, a solid building reminiscent of the castle itself. The museum was opened in March of 2017, and displays valuable historical materials and tools passed down by the Yamauchi family that served as the area"s feudal lords for generations. One of its main features is the observation deck and its view of Kochi Castle. Seeing the castle towers and all the display items will teach you all about the ancient Tosa people.
The collection houses approximately 67,000 items, including national treasures and important cultural assets. In the exhibition room are original items, such as ancient documents, helmets and armor, and pieces of art. Adults and children can enjoy learning about history in the video corner, which introduces interesting facts about Kochi Castle and the history of the Tosa Clan, and the hands-on corner, where you can take photos wearing a helmet and jinbaori battle coat from the Edo period. They hold a variety of special exhibitions throughout the year with historical or seasonal themes, so each time you visit you can discover a new side of Tosa and Japan. There are audio guides available in many languages (English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai), and you can also view easy-to-understand commentary on your smartphone or tablet. The museum also provides hands-on lessons to introduce a variety of traditional cultural practices, making it easy to get a taste of Japanese culture. The Kochi Castle Museum of History is jam-packed with Tosa"s history and culture. Be sure stop by and visit Kochi Castle at the same time.


Address :
2-7-5 Otesuji, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture
Business hours :
09:00-18:00 (08:00-18:00 on Sundays)
*Admission to the exhibition room closes 30 minutes prior to facility closing time.
Access :
●About 20-minutes walk from Shikoku Railway’s Kochi Station,
●Get off at JR Kochi Station, 5mins walk to Harimaya bashi tram stop on Tosaden Kotsu streetcar/tram, take the tram and get off at Kochi-jo mae stop, about a 3-minute walk from the tram stop.
Price :
During special exhibitions: Individual ¥700/Group (20 or more) ¥560
Without special exhibitions: Individual ¥500/Group (20 or more) ¥400

Kochi Castle Set Ticket: During special exhibitions: ¥890, other times ¥730



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