Shamo (chicken)

“Shamo” is a breed of chickens that have been raised as an ornamental breed as well as for its meat since the Edo period. It is said to be difficult to raise them because they are rough and quick-tempered. Shamo chickens from Kochi Prefecture have traditionally been purebred. They are popular because their meat is quite chewy and tasty. Shamo soup stock is used along with shamo meat and meat balls for a shamo hot pot, a local specialty.

*Grace Hamasushi

Business hours:11:00 - 21:00
Open year-round
Address:1504-8 Osone Ko, Nankoku-shi
Access:10 minutes by car/20 minutes by foot from JR Gomen Station

*Yuzuan (Restaurant)

Business hours:11:00 - 20:30
Open year-round
Address:109-1 Jotsujishima, Oko-cho, Nankoku-shi
Access:5 minutes by car from Nankoku IC
20 minutes by car from JR Kochi Station

*Good Luck (Restaurant)

Business hours:11:00 - 22:00
Closed: December 31
Address:933 Myoken, Nankoku-shi
Access:25 minutes by car from JR Kochi Station
25 minutes by car from Nankoku IC