Fireworks are made of a mixture of gunpowder, coloring agents and other ingredients, and placed in cylinders or balls, then set off for spectators to appreciate the explosions of color and sound. Kochi Prefecture holds fireworks events in July and August. They include not only conventional fireworks but also fireworks on the water that spread out in a fan shape, Shikoku Island’s largest fireworks display, and wide-scale fireworks set off from right to left. There are many other events and meals at food stalls to enjoy in addition to the fireworks.

*Kochi Summer Evening Fireworks

August 9th
Address:Takajo-cho, Kochi City & Midori-no-hiroba on the Kagami riverside, Yanagihara, Kochi City
Access:About 20 minutes by car from Kochi IC
Tram or bus: 3 minutes walk from Kencho-mae stop

*Kure-Hachimangu Festival

14th and 15th days of the 8th month in the old calendar
Address:6515 Kure, Nakatosa-cho
Access:8 minutes walk from JR Tosa-Kure Station
10 minutes by car from Nakatosa IC on the Kochi Expressway

*Ashizuri Festival

Early August
Address:Shimizu Port, Tosashimizu City (near Kashima)
Access:90 minutes by car from Shimanto-cho Chuo IC

*Shimanto Fireworks Festival

Late August
Address:Foot of Akatekkyo Bridge (bank of Shimanto River)
Access:10 minutes by car from Tosa Kusoshio Tetsudo Nakamura Station
60 minutes by car from Shimanto-cho Chuo IC