Whale watching

Because Kochi faces the Pacific Ocean, there are many points where people can watch legions of whales or dolphins, including both parents and their children together, swimming at a short distance. You can get on a fishing boat capable of turning in small circles so that you may swiftly cruise to points where whales or dolphins can be seen. Dolphins leap up from the water, swimming in parallel with the boat. You can see whales spout water and even their caudal fins from up close. The fascination of watching them is endless, no matter how often you see them.

*Whale Watching in Usa

Business hours:8: 00, 9:00, 12:30 (Closed during October)
Address:Usa Shiokaze Park, Usa-cho, Tosa-shi
Access:18 minutes by car from Tosa IC
40 minutes by car from Harimaya-Bashi

*Ogata Whale Watching

Business hours:8:00, 10:00, 12:00
Address:227-Ro Irino, Kuroshio-cho
Access:20 minutes by foot from JR Tosa-Irino Station
60 minutes by car from Shimanto-cho Chuo IC

*Kubotsu Fishermen’s Cooperative Association

Business hours:8: 00, 13:00
Address:482-2 Kubotsu, Tosashimizu-shi
Access:110 minutes by car from Shimanto-cho Chuo IC